SEO Rates

SEO Rates

I welcome new clients from all types of industries and backgrounds. Of course, one of the first questions a prospective client wants to know is ‘how much will it cost?’.

I keep my rates honest and transparent so that my clients know exactly what they can expect when commissioning a new project.

Broadly, SEO work falls into two camps:

  • Ad hoc SEO work
  • SEO campaigns

Ad Hoc SEO Rates

Ad hoc rates apply when the client has specific tasks or requirements in mind. This could be an SEO audit, keyword research or on-page optimisation, for example. Ad hoc tasks such as these don’t require a long-term contract and are priced by hour.

1 – 15 hours£65 p/h
16 – 30 hours£50 p/h
30+ hours£35 p/h

*I am proud to offer discounted prices to nonprofits.

If you require ad hoc SEO support, please get in touch with details of your project and I would be happy to provide a quote.

SEO Campaign Rates

An SEO campaign is when a client would like to commission a long-term project or an ongoing monthly contract. Contracts typically last anywhere from 1 month to 2 years.

At the lowest end of the spectrum is simple SEO consulting which starts at £350 p/m and the highest end of the spectrum is £5K p/m for outsourcing everything to me and my team.

Typically, most clients opt for a campaign rate around £2K per month for a comprehensive SEO package.

The cost of an SEO campaign is highly dependent on a range of variables including:

  • Whether the client would like to make changes themselves or include full implementation
  • Whether the client would like to include SEO copywriting
  • Whether the client would like to include development work (when required)
  • Whether the client needs outreach support
  • Whether the client needs design support
  • The number of hours required to complete the project per month
  • The goal(s) of the campaign

In order to provide an accurate quote for a campaign I will seek to find out which resources are required, conduct a top-level site audit, estimate the monthly time required and match these with the campaign goals.

If you would like a quote for a SEO work please get in touch with a little bit of background about your project and I would be happy to discuss how I can help.

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