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The most comprehensive SEO audit, with over 200 check points

An SEO audit is by far the most popular service I provide. With over 200 individual SEO checks, the report is incredibly comprehensive, providing detailed summaries of findings along with recommendations for next steps.

Most importantly, the SEO audit is completely tailored and bespoke. This means that the recommendations are made based on your website’s very unique set of circumstances.

An SEO audit is perfect for those who are budget conscious and can methodically work through fixing issues themselves.

The report

The final SEO audit report you receive is a comprehensive spreadsheet of checkpoints, a summary of the issue and recommendations for next steps.

Each individual recommendation is completely tailored to be the right solution for you. This makes it a really valuable, insightful resource.

Every single data set is provided in the spreadsheet with separate tabs. This means that you have all of the resources you need to fix the issues yourself.

Every audit consists of:

  • A comprehensive list of issues found
  • The urgency of each issue
  • An explanation of the issue
  • Recommended next steps, tailored to your website
  • Tabs of data sets for each individual issue


Every audit also comes with free consultation for the following week relating to the issues found in the audit.

This means that, if there’s anything you don’t understand or would like clarity on, you get free consultation and advice. This can be via an arranged call, email or your preferred channel.

discount on additional services

And what’s more, if you commission an SEO audit, you can receive a 10% discount on the purchase of all additional services.

This can be particularly helpful if the issue flags up large-scale issues that you would like extra support on. Or simply if you enjoyed working together and would like to continue! Additional services include:

  • An SEO project
  • A monthly retainer*
  • An ad hoc report, service or consultation

*Discount applies to the first 3 months.

what checks does the SEO audit include?

technical SEO audit


on-page SEO


meta data

site architecture

Checks to analyse the site structure to assess how optimised it is for search engines and user experience. Recommendations give clarity on best practices tailored to what’s possible within the CMS you are using.


Image optimisation checks including image file size, missing alt text and potential optimisations.

backlink audit

Audit of the strength, quality and relevance of existing backlinks and how this impacts organic search performance.

mobile optimisation

Responsiveness checks in line with Google’s mobile-first indexing. Looks to assess performance on mobile and tablet devices.

site metrics

Analysis of organic keyword rankings and organic search performance in the context of the backlink audit. Looks to identify how the site should be performing in light of the metrics.

local SEO audit

Analysis of local ranking factors where relevant, even for national businesses. Checks to see whether location optimisation factors are included on site and opportunities for improvement.

bad practice checks

Analysis of common bad practices throughout the site, typically through habits or outdated practices. Checks to find mass themes throughout that can be re-addressed.

user journeys

UI and CRO checks to establish bottle necks, low-conversion pages and opportunities for increasing goal completions through optimisation.

brands I've worked with

Why Work With Me?

I have work with countless ecommerce clients, utilising advanced SEO techniques to achieve consistent, long-term increases in sales from organic traffic.

With experience in WordPress+Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento, Vibe and more, I am highly skilled at delivering and implementing tailored SEO strategies for online stores.

For small to medium sized businesses working with an SEO freelancer allows you to keep costs low and save money compared with SEO agency overheads. This allows the partnership to be more tailored to your budget and more bespoke to your requirements.

I have years of experience working with clients in a huge variety of niches, from travel to health and everything in between. I have a proven track record of boosting sales from organic traffic by utilising advanced SEO techniques.


how long does an SEO audit take?

The given time to deliver a full SEO audit is two weeks. However, I am typically able to provide the report ahead of time.

how much do SEO audit services cost?

That depends on the website, how big and how complex it is. Prices range from £650 – £1,200 depending on scale. 

does it matter what CMS I use?

You can recive an SEO audit regardless of what CMS you use. However, I will take your CMS into account when making recommendations for fixing issus found.

will you fix all of the site issues from the audit?

If you purchase an SEO audit on its own then fixes and site optimisation are not included. However, you can choose to employ me on a project or retainer basis for a 10% discount if you would like to continue working together. Find out more about my services.

How long do i get free seo consultation for?

Consultation is offered for the week following the delivery of the report. 

how is the free consultation conducted?

Email is the most popular way but we can also arrange a phone call if you would prefer. Alternatively we can use Slack, Skype, Google Hangouts or any online channel that suits you.

Some Of My Happy Clients

Platypus Digital
Will Cardy
Read More
I've had the pleasure of working closely with Tom for over a year. It's been great to have such an experienced SEO professional to rely on. Although remote, Tom has proven to be a very active member of the team and adept at identifying and fixing technical SEO issues through to identifying content-related SEO opportunities for our clients. Always proactive, Tom is a handy person to have on retainer.
Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs
Rebecca Bradley
Read More
The audit was brilliant, very easy-to-read, had clear steps and brilliant recommendations for our website. It was also well put together which made it easier for senior management to understand. Would highly recommend - was very quick too!
Lime Green Consulting
Mike Zywina
Read More
I engaged Tom to do an SEO audit for my business Lime Green Consulting. The report that he produced was so detailed and thought-provoking, and Tom was extremely helpful and communicative at all times. Highly recommended!
Sash London
Jess Bolton
Read More
Tom delivered a really clear and thorough SEO report for our non-profit website, and was on hand throughout and following the process to offer advice and clarification. This was an incredibly valuable piece of work.
General Pharmaceutical Council
Read More
Tom carried out an SEO audit of our Pharmacy Inspections website and produced a comprehensive and very helpful SEO report with clear guidance on how to make improvements. He demystified complex concepts and helped us identify quick wins to improve the site’s rankings. We are very grateful for the help and support provided and would highlight in particular how prompt he is to respond. Thank you Tom!!
Khulisa UK
Cara Cinnamon
Read More
Tom did a fantastic job for us carrying out an SEO audit of Khulisa's website. He produced a comprehensive SEO report with really clear instructions for how we could make improvements, and translated all the recommendations into non-technical language so we could make many of the changes in-house without technical expertise. He was great at communicating and always on-hand if we had any questions. Thanks again Tom, much appreciated!
Flying Cars
Henry Rowling
Read More
Tom was great to work with on our SEO audit for our new website. His findings were quick, easy to understand and actionable. We are in the process of working through his recommendations and wouldn't hesitate to use him in the future in other areas.

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