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Freelance SEO Consultant UK

I am a UK SEO Consultant with a proven track record of achieving real, tangible results for online businesses. Whether that’s significant increases in organic traffic, a brand new custom made website, improvements to an existing site, or a solid long-term SEO strategy.

My SEO process allows clients to have a full overview of the project, ensuring each project is bespoke and tailored to requirements. With 6+ years of SEO experience, my results speak for themselves.

A Passionate SEO Specialist

As a seasoned freelance SEO specialist, I have worked with clients across a huge range of industries on a broad variety of projects. This allows my clients to benefit from 6+ years worth of insights and expertise from across the digital spectrum.

Hiring me as a freelance SEO consultant means complete flexibility, competitive rates and a personal approach to your project. Whether you’re a small business, a large company, a nonprofit, a blogger, or anything in between; I’d love to hear from you.

If you would like to enquire about hiring me for your project, get in touch with details of your website and I would be happy to discuss next steps.

Brands I Have Worked With

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I have worked with clients from across a wide range of sectors including health, travel, education, nonprofit, media, finance, tech and retail among many others. I have accumulated a wealth of industry-specific knowledge that I use to add further insight and authenticity to projects.

SEO Consultant London & Beyond

I am a freelance SEO consultant based in London but many of my clients are located throughout the UK and worldwide. I have worked with clients in the US, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and all over the world.

My SEO projects are all managed online so clients can feed in regularly, check progress, see reports and call or Skype. This approach allows me to offer competitive rates whilst still delivering high standards of optimisation.

Wherever you are based, I’d love to hear from you!

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Bespoke Digital & SEO Services

Website Building

Huge experience in building new websites in Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, Shopify and more.

Search Engine Optimisation

Expert in technical SEO and on-page SEO. Audit, assess, optimise, monitor, improve, generate traffic and convert.

Digital Marketing

Developing and delivering successful digital marketing strategies.

How The SEO Process Works

Every project starts with an initial conversation to outline the goals and objectives of the website. We then map out what a conversion looks like and what actions we want website users to take.

This enables us to craft an SEO strategy that drives engaged users.

Next we identify the resources and levels of support. Each of these help to define the relationship and agree deliverables. The three main resources are:


Each of these resources can either be managed in-house or outsourced to my team of experts, who will work in alignment with the SEO strategy.

The entire project is then built out into a schedule of tasks to be completed over an agreed time period. The project schedule is shared live with the client so that progress can be followed.

Tasks are broadly categorised into 4 main areas:

Technical SEO
On-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO
Content Creation

At each stage of the SEO implementation I provide regular updates about the project to show how it is progressing. Communication is regular and transparent, and you are free to call or chat online anytime you like.

For longer term projects I provide detailed SEO reports outlining growth in traffic and, where applicable, conversions. Upon final completion of the project a roadmap is developed to outline the long-term SEO strategy. This enables clients to continue with a solid plan even after the project has finished.

SEO services are completely tailored to your requirements. Whether it is a long-term partnership, a one-off project, a website audit or something else entirely, get in touch to see how I can help boost organic traffic to your site.

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